Rhapsody Music Streaming App Coming To iPhone

Software developer RealNetworks recently submitted its Rhapsody service as an application for approval on Apple’s App Store. If approved, will offer users unlimited music streaming over Wi-Fi, 3G and Edge for $15 per month according to PC World.

The application is being offered as an alternative to the iTunes 99-cent-per-song pricing and offers to potential to stream an unlimited number of songs to your iPhone or iPod touch for just $15 per month with a Rhapsody To Go Account. The application will be free to download.

For existing Rhapsody music subscription users, the app will work only with the new $15 To Go account, and the offer is not extended to existing Unlimited service subscribers ($13 per month). The Rhapsody library currently offers more than 8 million songs.

Per an article over at Gdgt, the app has been noted as lacking the capability to store songs for offline playback. This means that when out of Wi-Fi of cellular data reach, or when in offline mode (such as in an airplane), the app will be unusable. Gdgt mentions, though, that this functionality would arrive in a 2.0 version of Rhapsody for iPhone.

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