Review of the Verizon iPhone

The reviews of the Verizon iPhone are pouring out like mad. The big questions have finally arrived. Is the Verizon iPhone faster? Is the reception better? Are there still antenna issues? Should I switch to Verizon? Brian Chen, a writer for Wired who reviewed the Verizon iPhone, says quite simply, “If you enjoy making phone calls, the Verizon iPhone is the obvious winner.” And, “if you use your iPhone more often as a general computing device rather than a phone, then the AT&T iPhone’s faster transfer rates should serve your needs.” This is the big argument for why some customers may switch. AT&T customers who have experienced a high volume of service problems are most likely dying to make calls and would gladly sacrifice some data speed for the ability to make clear calls. However, customers who live in areas where service has not been an issue, should have no real reason to switch. Engadget reports that the Verizon iPhone looks and operates exactly the same as the AT&T iPhone except for the CDMA radio inside. The bottom line to their review is, “it does kind of feel like Apple and Verizon did the impossible: they made the best smartphone in America just a little bit better.” The reviews all have the same bottom line. AT&T has faster data and Verizon has better call reception. Will you be switching?

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