Reports Of 3GS Overheating Issues Spread, Faulty Batteries To Blame?

More reports of users with iPhone 3GSs that have had problems with overheating, resulting in some cases with discoloration of the plastic back case of the device. Wired later reported that the issue may be tied to faulty battery cells in the device, and may lead to a large-scale recall by Apple.

Apple hasn’t released an official statement on the phenomena yet, but Macworld they have acknowledged it’s existence indirectly; a support document originally posted several months ago was updated recently to add references to the iPhone 3GS.

The document says overheating should cause the device to display an on-screen warning and become inoperable for anything but emergency phone calls. They also list a few situations that might be the cause of the overheating:

  • Leaving the device in a car on a hot day.
  • Leaving it in direct sunlight for extended amounts of time.
  • Using certain applications in hot conditions or direct sunlight for long periods of time, such as GPS tracking in a car on a sunny day or listening to music while in direct sunlight.

[via MacRumors]

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