Recover Photos And Other Files From Your iPhone With Backup Extractor App

Losing little things from your iPhone like precious photos can be a real pain, but it’s usually not worth restoring your iPhone from a backup for. Now you don’t have to, thanks to Mac developer Pádraig Kennedy. He created iPhone Backup Extractor, a Mac app that lets you open up and browse through your backup files.

Craig Hockenberry also notes that this software should be very useful to developers for tracking down bugs in developer apps.

“You can instruct your customer to download the application, sync their device with iTunes and then have them select the latest backup and your application within that backup. … Getting this information into your development environment is then just a matter of hacking around with the Simulator folder structure.”

“The bug won’t stand a chance at this point.”

  • Extracting application resources for developers to help them investigate bugs.
  • Exploring files that are created by third party applications using Finder.
  • Decoding the SQLite database files that are stored on the iPhone / iPod Touch, such as Call History, SMS messages, and Notes.

iPhone Backup Extractor is donationware, which you can get from his website,

[via Furbo]

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