Recent Patent Hints at Next-Gen Touchscreen for iPhones, Tablet Displays

With all the tablet rumors and introductions we’ve been seeing the past few days, it looks like Apple has something new of its own, a patent it filed just showed up today that shows new touchscreen technology that could be used in future iPhones or tablets.

This patent covers the implementation of capitative touch sensors in the pixel that’s used to display what’s on the screen, giving far more accuracy when touching. This would also mean that because the capitative sensors are embedded the screen, it would remove the need for a separate capitative sensor, which could make for thinner displays and devices.

How exactly does this technology in this patent work? A former Apple engineer that’s worked with the group at Apple that develops their touchscreen technologies told The New York Times that: “Traditionally when you make a touch-screen display you place the touch-screen elements on top of an LCD screen.” He further explained that “This patent tries to integrate the two.”

As with all patent applications, this doesn’t mean that these features could be released in an upcoming Apple product, it just gives a general idea on what Apple has been focusing on.

[Patently Apple via Gizmodo]

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