Receive a Free iPhone 4 With a New Verizon FiOS Subscription

If you are in the market for a new cable, internet, and phone provider, you may have another reason to choose Verizon FiOS. Heck, even if are interested in buying an iPhone 4 anytime soon, you may now have a reason to be interested in Verizon FiOS if you were not already. With the purchase of a FiOS or High Speed Internet triple play or quad play bundle, new customers will receive a $200 Verizon Rewards Card along with plan discounts. The $200 Verizon Rewards Card can be used towards a 16GB iPhone 4, which retails for $200 on a two-year contract. So technically, you are getting a free 16GB iPhone 4. You could also use the Verizon Rewards Card to purchase any other Verizon iPhone model, or anything else Verizon stores sell of course.

Verizon FiOS is Verizon’s cable, internet, and phone service that utilizes high-bandwith fiber optics brought directly into a customer’s house. FiOS is available in a growing number of areas across the United States.

The FiOS bundle deal is being directed towards iPhone customers, with Verizon highlighting how the $200 credit can be used to purchase an iPhone 4. The company is featuring its FiOS TV iPhone app as well, which allows users to control and interact with their cable boxes, in its latest advertisements. This deal seems good enough for AT&T to feel compelled to offer something similar with their own array of services.

[via Verizon]