Radial 50

Radial 50 is a brick-breaker game with an entirely new twist and great graphics. Instead of the typical ‘get rid of all the bricks and watch out for that abyss’ style of the brick-breaker genre, Radial 50 allows you to move the paddle around a circle of blocks with varied purposes with the goal of hitting the diamond in the center. With 50 steadily increasing levels and power-ups/ power-downs, this game proves to be quite the challenge.

Radial 50 starts you off creating a profile that will follow your progress and high scores in order to post them on the leader boards and show your achievements compared to local, national and international players. Speaking of achievements, you are awarded for doing certain things in the game such as making it through levels without missing the ball, making it through 10, 25 and 50 levels, only hitting certain blocks and making enough points through one run of the game.

The controls are simple, but one must be careful not to become disoriented. You can set the roll-control to left-hand or right-hand, and the game is performed by sliding up and down to turn the ‘wheel’. If you end up missing the ball as it’s careening around, the health meter on the opposite side shows how close you are to running out of chances. The health meter is something special in that it regenerates as you play. It is reset at the beginning of every level.

The capacity to save means that you can resume games whenever you want. Saving only allows you to restart the game once the application reopens, however, since there are no ‘save files’ or logs, so be careful. The ball is difficult to see most of the time, especially when it is moving quickly. Also, you will not be able to play your music while playing this game unless you use the trick we mentioned in the X-Plane 9 and Super Monkey Ball reviews.

I encountered a lot of lag while I was playing the game, and it even froze on me once. If you have any issues with the game, be sure to visit the support site for a FAQ section.

Overall, Radial 50 is a fantastic take on an old concept, full of beautiful graphics and a steadily-increasing difficulty level. Regards to the creators for making something interesting and challenging. This game is certainly one that will take you through a loop!

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