Qik Video Streaming App Submitted To App Store

Following the announcement of the Ustream streaming video application being approved for the App Store, Qik has announced that they have submitted their Qik streaming client to Apple for approval. Much like the Ustream app, the Qik client would allow users to stream live video from their iPhone’s camera directly to their Qik page online.

Well, Qik on iPhone has always been a topic of interest from our users since the first time we launched on iPhone a year or so back. Since then, we have made great strides to bring not only high quality video streaming from iPhones but also provide rich features like 1-tap sharing to your favorite social networks, location support, ability to playback videos and much more. Then with the launch of iPhone 3GS this summer, we submitted and got approved for Qik on the App Store to enable you to capture and then share your experience with your friends on your favorite social networks.

We have now taken the next step and submitted the Qik application that enables you to share your experience live from your iPhone for approval to App Store. So, now let’s see what happens

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