Qik Live Video Streaming Demonstrated On A Non-Jailbroken iPhone

Digg co-founder and Apple rumor-monger Kevin Rose has recently released a video demonstrating Qik running on a “jailed” iPhone. The video shows some of the vast improvements Qik has made to their iPhone client over the past couple of weeks in terms of UI and core functionality. In addition to the application’s improvements, Qik has also managed to get the beta version of their app out to testers without requiring them to jailbreak their iPhones.

Below is Rose’s video of the application in action:

After seeing the video, many have speculated that we’ll soon be seeing Qik on to the App Store, along with a slew of other video-enabled applications. This is simply not the case. The version of Qik going out to Kevin Rose and others is being distributed via the ad-hoc method which allows developers to send out test versions of their software to a select group of individuals. Just because Qik is being distributed via ad-hoc does not mean that it conforms to the iPhone SDK or that it will gain approval from Apple. If submitted, it would likely be rejected as Apple does not currently allow direct camera access to 3rd-party applications.

At this time, Qik has yet to receive word from Apple that their application will be allowed on the App Store any time soon. Until Apple changes its policies regarding applications which capture video, Qik will remain in closed beta.

Thanks to TheBORG for sending this in!

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