Qik For iPhone Out Of Private Beta

A while back, Qik announced that they had begun private beta testing of their live streaming app for the iPhone. The app worked for the most part in its beta form, although it was only available to a select few (we had a chance to play with it). Thankfully, Qik has just announced that the application will be released to the public via Installer.app, with one fairly significant caveat. Although we’ll be getting Installer for iPhone 2.0, the Qik app isn’t ready for 2.0, which means it only works on phones loaded with 1.1.4.

Looking down the road, there’s currently no way for Qik to release the application for distribution on the App Store. This is because the current incarnation of the App Store doesn’t allow direct camera access, and there’s no telling if and when Apple plans to open it up.

[via TechCrunch]

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