Pwn2Own 2009 Announced, To Feature iPhones

Plans for this year’s Pwn2Own 2009 hacking contest have been announced by TippingPoint. 2009′s event will shift focus from computers to smartphones this year, starring (you guessed it) the iPhone 3G. The contest will challenge guests at the CanSecWest conference to try and hack the devices using their browser. The first person or team to hack the device will win the device itself and a $10,000 prize.

The first day, contestants will be allowed to use nothing but network-based hacks, relying on exploits in the browser. On the second day of the event, users will be able to use pre-installed software to break the device.

If five or more teams manage to successfully compromise a device, the organizers plan to offer a separate $5,000 prize for the best or most interesting exploits. After the event, the method for the hack will be disclosed to Apple so they can patch it at their discretion.

Other smartphones like Android phones, Windows Mobile devices, and Blackberries will also be present for hacking.

[via Electronista]

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