Pusher From RiP Dev Mods Your iPhone Without Leaving It Jailbroken

In the early days of iPhone hacking, the primary goals were to unlock the iPhone for use on other carriers than AT&T and then to get third party applications onto the device. Now that we have the App Store, however, there is arguably less need for it outside unlocking. That, in addition to the security risk you take by jailbreaking your iPhone, has prompted the RiP Dev folks to create a new hacking tool that they say is a little more secure.

In order to do anything interesting with your iPhone other than install apps nowadays, you need to jailbreak using the Dev Team’s QuickPwn or Pwnage tool, or it’s Windows cousin, WinPwn. The problem with this is that jailbreaking the device creates a security risk by allowing read/write access to the system partition where the iPhone’s important stuff (system files) are located. It wouldn’t be difficult for someone who knows what they’re doing to hack into a jailbroken iPhone against the user’s will, or so the RiP Dev team claims. If you can hack your iPhone when it’s jailbroken, chances are someone else can, too.

To solve this problem, the RiP-Dev team has created a new free tool called Pusher. The app does something similar to jailbreak the iPhone, but unlike Pwnage, once it is finished the iPhone is no loner jailbroken. It “opens the door”, so to speak, using the method created by the Dev Team just long enough to make a couple modifications, and then closes it back up again like nothing ever happened, so your iPhone does not remain in a jailbroken state. According to the RiP Dev guys, this means it’s more secure and resistant to attacks than it would be if it were simply left in a jailbroken state.

Among the things Pusher can do is install their Installer 4.0 beta, install a new default system font, change the springboard background, add an alternative keyboard, and a few other goodies.

You can download a Mac-only version here. Windows version is on the way.

Note: It was pointed out in the comments that Pusher only lets you install Installer 4. If you want Cydia, you’ll still need to use QuickPwn or Pwnage.

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