Power Your iPhone With Hydrogen

Still waiting for the day when you can fuel your car on nothing but hydrogen, and it’s only exhaust is in the form of water vapor, greatly reducing the collective output of pollution from transportation? Sorry, those aren’t economically viable yet. But, thanks to a company by the name of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, you can use hydrogen to fuel your iPhone instead, and that’s almost as good, right? No, I’m afraid I’m not kidding. A company showing at CES has actually made a hydrogen-fueled charger for powering your toys.

It’s officially called the MiniPak, and it’s a handheld box that runs on Hyrdostiks filled with solid hydrogen, which you can refill using their HydroFILL companion hydrogen-producing product. It operates on the same fuel cell technology that they were initially planning to implement in environmentally friendly cars, except instead of reducing pollution, this one fuels your iPhone or iPod touch (or whatever gadgets it can power).

I’d like to have a brief discussion with the people who decided this was something people actually need.

Welcome to the future.

[via Engadget]

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