Popcap’s, 4th & Battery Helps Child’s Dream Materialize

Popcap’s experimental label within, 4th & Battery had previously released multiple free titles onto the App Store, but not in a way more significant than their most recently released game, Allied Star Police.

The newest work from the sub-company, if you will, was released just yesterday in the App Store after a development process that is special from others. The game in itself is not anything special, (please don’t hate after you read the following) but there’s another factor along with the free price tag that makes Allied Star Police something you should definitely try:

As per the Make-A-Wish foundation, Owain Weinhart, a 9 year old boy, has directed the development of the game. He was supposedly in 4th & Battery’s offices every morning advising the development team on what he wanted the game to be like; art, gameplay, everything was dreamt by the boy. Basically, Popcap’s experimental outfit made Owain’s ultimately materialize.

It’s truly a nice thing to hear about, considering the game is now selling for absolutely free. But even if you’re not interested in the so-called “mushy-gooshy” part of the story, at-least pick up the game. It’s decent, and is sure worth a try.

And on a side-note, what’s the game of your dreams? I’d like to see a flying catart (informally a cat + poptart), but I already have Nyan Cat to thank.