Police Led to Car Thief By an iPhone

The location of a stolen car was pinpointed by police with the help of an iPhone.┬áJustice, served by an iPhone. Well, technically by the police, but you can’t count it out.

Through the Find My iPhone site, the car’s owner tracked his stolen car, which happened to have the deceiving tracker inside of it. Little did the thief know, he did not make a clean getaway because of it. Just hours after the vehicle had went missing, police found it, the driver, and other stolen goods a short distance from the scene of the crime.

This was not the suspect’s first crime, as evidence found due to the vehicle’s discovery suggests. Other burglaries around Colorado Springs were connected to the suspect. It could be said that Find My iPhone stopped a string of further burglaries.

While this may be just another story of somebody comprehending a thief with his or her iPhone, the key difference is that the police used the tracking information as part of their pursuit. In a number of past stories, police have not been interested in such potentially inaccurate information. Apple’s “Find My [device]” service can be a great precaution against what may otherwise be untraceable theft.

Now sounds like a pretty good time to setup your compatible devices for Apple’s remote-tracking service. You never know when it may come in handy.

[via The Associated Press]