Everybody has pictures. Most of us like to share them. Many want to tag them in some quick, casual way, like using a sharpie to write something cute or inspiring right on the picture.

Enter Polarize, the FREE App from Christopher Comair. This iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad ‘compatible’ application does very little – very well.

Take a picture with Polarize or load one from your photo album. What shows up is a slightly modified view of the original. The frame is that of an old Polaroid picture (the seller wants everyone to know that he is in NO WAY affiliated with the Polaroid Company). The color is slightly stylized making your shot seem a little aged – but in a good way. There is no control over this look and there is no apparent logic as to what is cropped and what is not or even how the choice was made for the picture’s center. Remember, this app does very little, very well. But the best is yet to come.

Now “Tap screen to continue” as it clearly states at the bottom of your fresh picture.  FOUR buttons show up -

1. Tag

This lets you put some text on the bottom edge of the picture. The keyboard is presented and you type what you want. Be brief. There is limited space and no warning as to what will show up and what might be lost to the ages. When you’re finished “typing” click done and read what you have wrought. Don’t like it? Changed your mind? Tap the screen again and go for the rewrite. The number of letters that appear depends on what you choose – it is NOT a mono spaced font, so the space taken up is dependent on your input. It’s like a micro tweet.


Click this and a COPY of your original picture is sent directly to your photo album.

3. Discard

The “OOPS” button. it will empty the edit area and send you to the main screen.

4. Hide

The current choice buttons disappear leaving you with a cool looking polaroid type picture ready to “Tap screen to continue” .

Oh, but there is more – the sharing part. Once you upload your creation to your OWN flickr page, you can RETURN to Polarize and select “community”. Off you go to the Polarize / LOFI flickr page where you can upload your latest creation to their showcase. 

This is CONFUSING and is the main reason I have given Polarize but THREE STARS. I understand, having once been a code hammering hound for a software company, that some things are not as easy as others – BUT – this would be a solid FIVE STAR App should Christopher clean up this little snarl. I know, it is a FREE application! But it would be well worth $0.99 – $1.99 if it had an easier path to personal stardom.

I admit i use it in bursts, but I would be a regular unloader if the “community” button were changed to an “upload” clicker.

Thank you, though Christopher Comair, for a simple, solid, FREE, fun photo application.