PlayStation 4 App for iOS to Bring New Gaming Experiences to iPhone/iPad

Stop us if you have heard this before: next-generation gaming on iPhone/iPad, courtesy of the newly-unveiled PlayStation 4 and its PlayStation app. Intrigued? iOS could play an integral part in the way that the new wave of games are interacted with if Sony has its way with its second-screen app.

In its array of new PlayStation features, Sony highlighted the importance of taking initiative in dominating the second-screen. Thus the company refrains from overlooking the mobile devices that could become a second controller creating experiences that the standard DualShock cannot. With the introduction of an app for mobile devices at Sony’s Future of PlayStation conference, Sony is pushing the new ways that developers can build games that can be complemented by a mobile screen.

On their mobile device, players may be able to view a map of the game’s environment on their phone – at least that is Sony’s best example. If we take a look at the direct competition that we have in the Wii U, the concepts prove that developers have devised for a touchscreen can go much further than static browsing; what if abilities could be switched-out, strategies planned… or there were new control schemes all together? That could take the console to the next level quicker than the nary-adopted Sony’s Move motion controller, in this editor’s opinion.

For a more lucrative use of the “PlayStation App,” players can purchase games from their mobile devices and come home to find them installed on their PlayStation 4.¬†Perhaps the most promising feature is the built-in ability to stream games from players worldwide, watching in real-time on a smartphone/tablet.

Meanwhile… on the PlayStation Vita handheld console, every PlayStation 4 game will be playable through a live stream of the game. (Video and audio are streamed from the console as the two communicate control input.) Considering how iOS devices will be able to stream games without control input, this would be completely possible if Sony decided to pursue adding similar functionality to its iOS app.

Sony is not the first to create a second-screen initiative; Microsoft had gotten the ball rolling with its SmartGlass app ¬†for Xbox, and Nintendo’s Wii U is bundled with a tablet-akin controller.

Look for more details as we learn more about the PlayStation 4 leading up to its presumed holiday 2013 launch and the roll-out of the PlayStation app.

[partially via: IGN]

Mock-up image credit: coroflot/Forbes