Pinch Media, JumpTap Forming iPhone App Ad Network

Pinch Media, the first analytics and advertising company solely for iPhone apps, and JumpTap, the leading mobile search and advertising company, have announced that they are joining forces to create Pinch Advertising, a new ad network for iPhone applications. The new service will combine the best of both offerings to provide developers not willing to charge money for their apps to give them away for free but still make a profit in doing so.

“By adding ad-supported iPhone applications to JumpTap’s mobile advertising network, we can immediately provide high-quality brand advertisers to our developers,” said Greg Yardley, Pinch Media’s co-founder and chief executive officer. “Pinch Media’s iPhone-optimized advertising and analytics package provides iPhone developers with a straightforward and simple way to expand their businesses.”

They’re not first to get the idea, however. Medialets announced their iPhone app-based ad network weeks ago. Still, they are just a small startup. Pinch Media and JumpTap have both gained success in areas different but related to iPhone advertising, and their combined effort will most likely pose some heavy competition.

[via Pinch Media]

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