Pictures of the Next iPhone?

According to 9to5Mac, who then points you over to the real source,, a Weibo user claims to have the next-generation iPhone.

It’s not hard to dismiss, considering many “leaks” have circulated ever since Apple introduced the iPhone. It’s pretty much standard now – every time the iPhone is supposedly about to come out, a few months before, pictures are posted of a prototype for “the next-generation iPhone”. But anyways, even if you put aside the fact that the prototype looks exactly like the iPhone 4, despite reliable rumors that the next phone would be thinner and lighter, let’s take a look at what we have to consider.

The device is running on Apple’s testing firmware that has been seen on previous testing units, which supports the case that it very well could be a prototype, but then it shows up in iTunes as an iPod Touch, which totally contradicts that. Here comes the inevitable question: is this actually the iPhone 4GS that we’ve been waiting for, for now over a year? Probably not. The rights don’t stack up whereas the wrongs do.

There’s no real way to tell if these leaks are genuine, which is the way Apple will want it to be. But come August, regardless of’s previous correct-leaking reputation, this most probably will not be what Apple brings to show everyone at their annual keynote. After having everyone wait for over a year, it’s unlikely that Apple will introduce a device so similar to its last year predecessor.

[Via 9to5Mac]