Photoboard HD

It’s interesting to watch TV shows and movies about the future, and then live long enough to catch up to that future to see how close we came. The Jetsons had their cool video phones, in Minority Report there was Anderton’s magical computer interface, Quantum Leap‘s Al had that buggy handheld interface for Ziggy, and let’s not forget 2001: A Space Odyssey and Floyd’s Newspad. It didn’t take long for people to compare the iPad to some of our future visions, and now it’s fun to find all the apps to make the iPad live up to the future we imagined. ZestProd has a great app for making the iPad feel like the future in our hands, with its Photoboard HD iPad app.

To say Photoboard is just a picture browser is selling it short. Photoboard allows you to import pictures from you iPad’s photo gallery, and then play with the photos in a magical way. ZestProd takes full advantage of the multitouch surface and the large iPad surface. Pinch zoom photos or a whole collection at once, use two fingers to rotate pictures around, slide and shuffle entire galleries on a virtual table top. The app includes a slideshow tool as well, beautifully and smoothly rotating, zooming and moving your photos into view. Photoboard feels one part magic and one part futuristic, but it’s really just you catching up to the future.

Photoboard is the perfect app for showing off the iPad, allowing you to amaze your friends and simultaneously make them jealous. Our first impression was the app was limited — after all, how often can you sort through old family photos? But there is an amazing practical use for Photoboard. This app provides a perfect way to present your portfolio of designs, products, or photos to a potential client.

Photoboard HD is available in the App Store for only $2.99… a small price to pay for instilling iPad envy in all of your friends and co-workers.