Phases is an application that shows you the phases of the moon right now using your current location or the location of your choice. There are four pages displaying the current phase and the dates for each half moon for the next two durations, statistics on the current phase, a calendar with the moon’s phases for each date, and the settings.

It conveniently uses your current location so that wherever you are it will always be updated. The location is adjustable, however, so that is obviously very helpful. The second and third pages can be adjusted according to which day you’d like to view, but there is the option to always go right back to today’s phase.

Regarding the appearance of the application, this is truly a well-designed application. It is night-themed and looks similar to the native Weather application, and overall the performance is outstanding.

Another great thing is that everything you need for the application (phases dates, details, etc.) comes with the application, so no internet connection is required. In order to find the location, however, you will have to make sure there is some connection… otherwise you’ll be a sitting duck.

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