Patents: Location Sharing, Front-Facing Camera for Next iPhone?

A pair of recently released Apple patents hint that an upcoming iPhone may sport things like location sharing and the long-anticipated front-facing camera. The first describes a way to share location information with friends. You would simply send your location in a text or instant messenger application and they would open it up in the Maps app. We’re guessing this will be implemented using the tech from the mapping company Apple acquired last October.

This reference also may be a sign that Apple is considering a native IM client like iChat built in to the OS, which may further be a sign of background applications, but that’s more of a stretch.

The second patent suggests that the next iPhone will finally have that front-facing camera we keep waiting for. On the iPhone, this would mean things like facial recognition and video conferencing. Still, that assumes it’s for the iPhone and not just the Apple Tablet.

[via Electric Pig]

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