Patent: iPhone Phones Location Home When Stolen

A patent application shows that Apple is considering adding a security mechanism to the iPhone that would cause it to automatically phone a security agency after being stolen. Upon detecting a force exceeding a predetermined threshold, the device would enter a prevention mode, causing it to send a security transmission in the form of a telephone call or email containing it’s GPS coordinates.

“To provide greater security, an electronic device in a security mode can be configured to enter a ‘lock-down’ mode when the device is exposed to vibration or acceleration above a predetermined lock-down threshold, thereby preventing unauthorized use of the device,” the company adds. “The vibration/acceleration lock-down threshold for a lock-down mode may be set to be the same as a security threshold for sending a security transmission or may be set to a different level of vibration/acceleration.”

The user would have the ability to determine what events would put it into security mode, such as being idle for a certain time, remaining idle without user input for a certain time, or physical vibration or acceleration events.

[via Apple Insider]

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