Parrot Shows Off Their iPhone-Controlled Quadricopter

So far we’ve seen a few interesting iPhone-controleld remote toys, but this one might take the cake. A company in France by the name Parrot announced an awesome new toy for the iPhone-clad crowd called the Parrot AR.Drone. It’s a “quadricopter”, and not only does it have a cool-sounding name, but you can control it as it flies through the air using just your iPhone or iPod touch.

Alright, I know what you’re thinking. “So what the heck is a quadricopter?” It’s basically a helicopter, but with 4 propellers supplying vertical thrust instead of 1. It’s also 4-times cooler sounding, so just go with it.

You may also be thinking that something with a name as cool as “quadricopter” doesn’t need to be controlled by an iPhone to be awesome, to which I would say “SHUT UP”, because yes it does.

The quadricopter connects to the iphone over Wi-Fi, so you’re range is somewhat limited, but it also has two cameras that let you see what’s going on in the cockpit. Not convinced of the awesomeness? Check out the video:

There’s more awesome where that came from on their YouTube channel.

[via Recumbu]

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