Overnight is a fantastic tool for calculating shipping prices and tracking your packages. To the everyday person, this app may seem pricey for something that will end up becoming trusty, but somewhat dusty. For a business owner however, this app will become an instant favorite. Let’s dive into the different uses of this app, shall we?

Do you need to get something shipped ASAP? “Locations” is a feature that uses the GPS in your iPhone to pull up any mailing locations within a 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, or more mile radius. You can go even further to narrow your search by carrier, days you need them to be open, or whether or not the post is staffed! It also has a metric system converter option for when it measures how far away each location is.

Zip Finder
This function is an app within an app. Literally. Zip Finder by Bottle Rocket can be downloaded by itself for free from the iTunes Store. It’s name is truly its use, but in addition to being able to see what zip code you’re in, you can also see surrounding codes and a distance approximation of how close you are to each. It was very thoughtful of the developers to place it conveniently within Overnight.

One of the main functions of this app is the ability to track multiple shipments from all the major shipping services (DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS). To start, just ender a tracking number. You don’t even have to remember what service it’s going through because the app figures that out for you! You can not, however, enter a custom name in place of the number which is kind of a bummer. Once it finds your package it shows you the carrier’s icon, your tracking number, and the status of the shipment. You’re then allowed to view details such as a Google map showing the current location of your items, weight of the package, and where it’s been so far. Another notable thing about this app is that it features a custom number pad for entering lengthy tracking codes. This is convenient, as the larger keypad is much more comfortable to deal with then the smaller numbers on the iPhone’s default keyboard.

Last but not least, lies the ability to calculate shipping costs for your packages. Again, as with the rest of the app, you’re limited to only selecting the the four major carriers (if you can call that a limitation). While there WERE a few small miscalculations when I tested it, they’re definitely not large enough to be cause for alarm. A small annoyance is the lack of a screen where you can compare prices.

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