Orb Allows Media Access Anywhere

For those of you with PCs, you should know about the amazing site called Orb. Orb allows people to create a free account and then access certain folders from any internet-capable device.

To start, users install the program on their PC and then proceed to add folders to their user system, log in at MyCast, and then enjoy your music. The basic Instructions are here.

With the iPhone, all users have to do is go to MYCAST.ORB.COM, and log in. Your Shared Media is taken care of with the program from your home computer, and can be accessed from WiFi, EDGE and 3G.

If you haven’t caught on, yet, your entire music library is streamed from your computer to whatever you log into the site with. You heard me correctly. This is great for iPhone because you can turn on a stream and then use other programs or let your screen turn off. It will still be running in the background, playing your music to your heart’s contentment. You can’t listen to a song while browsing the material, but you can play entire albums as one stream. There is even a shuffle mode when you’re viewing the Artist areas.

There is even the capability of streaming television to your iPhone. They give full instructions here.

Definitely check out the site and give this amazing bit of technology a try. It only works for PCs at the moment, but they are working on a beta for Mac users, soon.

Give Orb a try.

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