Orange Announces iPhone Pricing, Plans In UK

UK carrier Orange has announced their pricing for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS today to take effect at the official launch on November 10th. Prices vary with the contract you sign up for, ranging from free with an extensive plan to £539 for the 32 GB iPhone 3GS with a contract-free pay as you go plan. The pricing structure is almost exactly the same as O2′s, with the exception of a lower 24-month contract and twice as many minutes and text on their entry-level 18-month contract.

Monthly plans start at £29.36 for 150 minutes of talk time and 250 text messages. All include “unlimited” data mobile internet browsing, but a footnote defines this as 750 MB per month. Assuming we still know how to count, 750 and unlimited aren’t the same. AT&T at least has a “soft” cap at 5GB, a number users aren’t likely to reach with normal use.

For detailed information about the pricing and plan combinations to be available, go to

[via MacRumors]

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