On Syncing Apps Every Time You Sync Your iPhone

TUAW’s Erica Sadun raises a very interesting point with the way the new iPhone 2.0 software syncs with iTunes. Where with the old software it simply backed up documents and data for the most part, the addition of the App Store now causes it to back up all downloaded apps to iTunes every time it syncs as well, taking significantly longer to sync. This is especially true for graphics and sound-rich games, which are a lot of fun but take a long time to sync.

This poses the question: is it really necessary to sync all applications every time you sync your iPhone? Will the app have changed in some way? iTunes already has backups of the apps on the device that it downloads from the iTunes store, so why bother syncing them?

So far the only solution is to disable the automatic syncing, but this is extremely risky, especially if you’re worried about updated information on your iPhone.

[via TUAW]

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