O2 To Drop Price Of iPhone 3G Ahead Of New iPhone Launch, Orange Trying To Get iPhone

According to Mobile Today, O2 will be dropping the price of the iPhone 3G some time this May in preparation for a new iPhone launch from Apple either some time this June or July. The price drop will make the 8GB model free on the £35 and £45/month contracts where it currently costs between £59 and £159.

A second part of the rumor says that Orange is currently in talks with Apple to possibly become another official carrier in the UK, allowing the iPhone 3G to be sold on their network as well.

A third part of the rumor we don’t attribute much credibility to reiterates the possibility that the new iPhone we may see later this year will have less memory or a smaller screen to cut costs and bring prices down, something COO and stand-in CEO Tim Cook said they had no intention to doing some time.

[via Mobile Today]

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