O2 Q2 Financial Results, Orange Not Getting iPhone In UK

O2 announced during their Q2 financial results that they have gained over 137,000 new monthly-paying customers to their user base thanks to the iPhone. Interestingly these users arrived before the iPhone 3G launch. Prior to the iPhone 3G launch, O2 cut the prices for their 8GB and 16GB iPhones to clear out inventory in anticipation of iPhone 3G shipments, and their claims show that it was successful.

The 137,896 new customers that arrived during the quarter were 80.8% more than they gained in the same quarter of last year after the first iPhone launch. Not surprisingly, the iPhone has become O2′s fastest selling mobile phone ever.

Additionally, both O2 and Orange denied recently circulating suspicions that the company would soon be loosing their iPhone exclusivity in the UK to Orange, which was said to be joining O2 as an iPhone carrier in the same country in October of this year. O2 noted that they have a multi-year contract with Apple, and that it will not have even been a whole year in October since they first launched the device.

[via Distorted-Loop]

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