NotifyMe is a simple application which uses Apple’s push notification service to notify you of reminders set within the app. Reminders can be set for any time (in 5 minute intervals) and assigned a category. You can also have reminders recur daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, and yearly.

NotifyMe has a very simple, well designed interface that lets you quickly get to setting a reminder. From the main screen you can add a reminder and see upcoming, passed, and recent reminders. You can also see reminders by category, although categories can’t be customized. The current categories are:

  • ToDo
  • Personal
  • Work
  • School
  • Birthday
  • TV Show
  • Shopping

I found that most of the reminders came in right on the specified time. The notification sound was a little loud, but that can be a good thing. If that doesn’t work, you can disable the tone, but you can’t select a custom one. One big drawback to using the PNS is that it only alerts you once, although the app icon will badge itself for unchecked reminders that have gone off.

You can set the app to open with a new reminder, your upcoming reminders, or just the main screen. How cool (and extremely useful) is that! I have it set to open at the new reminder screen so that I can quickly toss one in as soon as the app opens.

From Settings you can toggle push on and off, specify whether you want a reminder’s category to be shown, and even turn off the “auto keyboard.”

Throughout my couple days of testing, NotifyMe does exactly what it’s supposed to do—send you reminders via Apple’s push notification service. Just keep in mind that you need to have a data connection for reminders to come in. Overall NotifyMe is a fantastic solution for people who need little reminders to keep them on task!

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