Nissan Working On Remote iPhone App For Electric Car Planned For 2010

Nissan has developed a custom iPhone application that picks up sensor information from their upcoming electric car to display information about things like the lithium ion battery levels, time required for a full charge, and approximate cost of a recharge on the device’s screen. The app would also function as a remote control, allowing a user on a cold day to turn the heat on from outside the vehicle, displaying temperature information.

This wouldn’t be such a big deal for gas powered vehicles, since you could just start the engine and turn on the heat until it warms up, but with an electric car, running the AC or heat would drain the batteries. With the remote app, you could sense the internal temperature and turn the AC or heat on accordingly while it’s still hooked up to the power grid, maximizing battery life.

The app is still just a prototype, but is part of their effort to release an electric car by 2010 in the US and Japan. The world got a sneak peak at the app today, but Nissan will be unveiling the vehicle on Sunday.

[via Macworld]

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