Ngmoco Says Their Games Will Continue To Work on iPhone, iPhone 3G

With the announcement of an iPhone with a faster processor, twice the RAM, and improved 3D rendering capabilities, there has been some concern that developers might start making apps that require the new hardware, leaving 3G and original iPhone owners in the dust. While it seems likely to happen eventually, it’s still a ways off, and at least one developer, Ngmoco is sticking by previous-generation device owners.

“We’re scaling the imagery based on the performance of the device, so if you’ve got a 3GS, the game’s going to look better and run at a great frame rate. And if you’re on an iPhone 3G, the game will look a little bit different, but the frame rate will be the same, ’cause obviously performance and speed are actually an important part of a cool first person shooter gameplay experience.”

So, if nothing else, first and second generation owners will get to play plenty of Rolando, Star Defense and Topple for a long time to come. Hopefully more developers will add some games to this list, since we’re guessing AT&T’s 3G S pricing for 3G owners will mean there will be quite a few who won’t be upgrading for some time.

[via MTV Multiplayer]

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