Next iPhone To Get Faster Internet Connection?

Silicon Alley Insider reports that a “pluged-in” source inside the cellular business has information that the next iPhone 3G will have a “significantly faster” internet connection than it’s predecessor. It is not known if the source was referring to Wi-Fi or the cellular data connection, but both could potentially be upgraded.

It is suspected that the change will be support for speed-doubled 7.2Mbps 3G given the hardware manufacturer and carrier plans. Infineon is expected to have a new 3G chipset starting some time in the middle of this year, around the time it is believed the next iPhone will be released.

7.2Mbps 3G has been out since late 2008 and AT&T has yet to catch up, but it is believed that they will be rolling it out some time this year. They emphasize the point that most of the towers can be upgraded simply through updating the software.

If Wi-Fi is the one to get updated, the most likely candidate would be Broadcom’s new low-power 802.11n chipset that provides double the speeds of the current 802.11g chip.

[via Silicon Alley Insider]

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