Next-Generation iPad Rumors Confirm Past Speculation

As the expected time of the announcement of the next-generation iPad, which is being highly anticipated, approaches closer and closer, we’re inevitably going to see a ton of different rumors pop here here and there of which some will be completely plausible while others may be quite peculiar. Regardless, the first of those has spilled in, that confirms some past speculation.

iLounge’s Jeremy Horwitz claims to have seen a prototype next-generation iPad. He says that pretty much nothing has changed physically in comparison to the predecessor, the iPad 2 – not a bad thing at all, considering the smart cover and other numerous accessories will still work. However, many cases that have been perfectly tailored to fit the current iPad most likely won’t fit with the successor, as it will supposedly be slightly thicker, 1 millimeter to be exact.

If Apple is to continue their current scheme of simply adding an ending character to the previous generation device, like they’ve previously done with their expanding lineup of iPhones, Horwitz mentions that the new additions most likely won’t result in a whole name change. Instead, names such as “iPad 2S” or iPad “2HD” rather than the name that has thus far been attributed to the numerous rumors, “iPad 3″.

Macotakara, the Japanese iOS blog, claims that the iPad’s resolution will be 2,048 x 1,536, which would be the new retina display that has been circulating the rumor mill for the past few months. They also say that Chinese sources mention that both Foxconn and Pegagtron will both manufacturer the new iPad.

When the name is in question, you know that nothing’s quite certain. That in mind, you really can’t take any rumor completely seriously as the truth until physical evidence emerges – that’s not to say that Anthony Horwitz isn’t right, but we just don’t know yet. As for the resolution, it’s expected to change. We’ll keep you posted as always but for more iPad news, visit our sister site iPad N’ Gravy.

[Via iLounge & Macotakara]