New XM/Sirius Raidio App In Production

XM first announced that they were creating an official XM Radio client for the iPhone and iPod touch back in June, but little was heard from the company since then on an official app. More recently, however, information was leaked that GeeksToolBox is working on an app called StarPlayr as part of the StreamSmart project. It is suspected that it is in partnership with NiceMac because of their audio streaming Mac app by the same name.

According to the source, the app is performing well in the area of battery life, one of the main concerns with the app, which is due to it streaming in an compatible audio format rather than an incompatible one that then has to be decoded in real time on the device. XM and Sirius have yet to confirm it as the official app mentioned by XM in June.

[via OrbitCast]

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