New Technology Lets You Interact With CBS Ads Using Your iPhone

While there have been a lot of really cool uses for the iPhone, it’s not often that we see one that really “wow’s” us. This is one of them. CBS Outdoor is partnering with digital creative agency Clusta to develop a new advertising platform that will let users manipulate 3D advertisements of products using their iPhone.

The system will consist of virtual posters with 3D renderings of products that can be manipulated by anyone nearby with an iPhone. The passerby can simply connect to it via either WiFi or 3G and swipe to rotate the object, pinch to zoom, and even make the display change color. The real-world implementation may also include the ability for users to get more information about the product via SMS.

The new technology was shown off at the Media Playground conference and exhibition in London yesterday. CBS plans on rolling out the new system on a series of LCD screens installed in Westfield shopping center [map], the largest mall in Europe.

Russell Townsend, the managing director at Clusta, said:

“This revolutionary platform showcases the huge potential that exists for digital outdoor to use emerging technologies to captivate consumers in its unique environments – digital outdoor is an incredibly innovative medium and as an industry we are really just scratching the surface of the weird and wonderful ways it can engage.”


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