New Oleophobic Screen Coating Is Highly Scratchable?

You know that cool new oleophobic screen coating on the 3GS that makes it so fingerprints and smudges don’t show up as much? Well, as great as that may be, it also makes it highly scratchable. Users on the MacRumors forums have already reported the mysterious appearance of tiny scratches on their screens after just having the devices for a few days despite the normal scratch culprits like keys and coins.

Most of the scratches have been fairly short and very thin, but nonetheless are a noticeable annoyance when looking at the screen, similar to those that tend to show up on the back of the device with normal use. It’s unclear exactly how the scratches got there, as most of the reports describe taking care not to leave it with things like keys or coins that would be likely to scratch it.

There has been some success with getting affected devices replaced at an Apple Store.


Have you noticed that your iPhone 3GS screen scratches more easily? Let us know in the comments!

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