New iPhone Package To Be Eco-Friendly

According to The Register, Apple is kicking up their eco-friednliness by revamping the packaging for the iPhone 3G. I’m sure those of you with iPhones remember the shiny clear plastic tray that held the iPhone in place inside it’s box. For the iPhone 3G, Apple is replacing that plastic tray with a paper one, reducing it’s carbon footprint by around 90%.

Hans Arentsen, CEO of the Dutch firm PaperFoam that makes similar eco-friendly products for other companies like Motorola, confirmed that Apple ordered “millions of paperfoam packages”.

The new tray is made from a combination of potato and tapioca starch, and, along with the cardboard box it is inside, is completely recyclable.

In the past the company has made packaging for both the first-generation iPod Nano and the 5G iPod.

[via The Register]

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