New Android App Makes Multitasking With Your iPhone Easier

Over 200,000 Android users have already been enjoying the multitasking app from Thrutu, and starting today, iPhone users can get in on the action too.

The Thrutu app allows mobile device users to find a location by sending a live map, or useful information to other phones without having to disconnect from a conversation. It’s the perfect tool to help lost friends locate you by giving them a point of reference while talking with them on the phone.

The app also allows you to take and send images or galleries to the person you’re speaking with. If your friend is really, really bad at following directions, this feature can be helpful by allowing you to take snapshots of landmarks to aid your lost pal. Or it can be a fun way to tease your friends about your great seats at the local baseball game while bragging on the phone. Sounds like the perfect app for San Francisco Giants fans!

The app works with other Thrutu enabled devices and automatically opens when another user calls you. However, you’ll have to manually turn it on when placing your own call.

The Thrutu app is free in the iTunes App Store, and is compatible with iPhones with iOS 4.0 or later.