Naturally Fresh

Naturally Fresh is the latest offering from Threemagination Inc., a very straightforward brand-centric app that catalogs Naturally Fresh’s line of dressings and sauces. It allows you to graphically browse the product line, search for and view recipes using the products, and also features a product finder so you never have to go without your Naturally Fresh fix.

The products screen is designed to resemble a store shelf full of the Naturally Fresh dressing and sauce jars. The jar graphics are nicely drawn and easily legible, making it easy to figure out what each kind of dressing or sauce looks like in the store. Selecting a jar brings up a description of the product and some suggested uses, as well as the complete list of ingredients. This is handy in case you have a food preference or allergy.

You can browse the complete list of recipes included in the app, or you can use the recipe finder to select a meal type (snack, breakfast, salad, etc.) and a main ingredient (seafood, vegetable, poultry, etc.), and the app will present you with a filtered list of recipes. The recipes are easy to read and most are simple enough to put together in a short amount of time.

Finally, the store locator is a location-aware feature that searches for and maps out stores in your area that carry the Naturally Fresh line of products. You can have it use your current location or you can enter a zip code to get a list of stores.

For the most part, the app has an intuitive and pleasing interface, and makes good use of the iPhone’s user interface elements. However, there was some slowness in loading and choppiness in scrolling through the list of recipes. Additionally, the product catalog seems to be missing a few items like the Hooters Wing Sauce (which I believe is a new offering from Naturally Fresh).

Overall, this app is very well done and nicely polished with rich graphics and good content related to Naturally Fresh. I’d recommend this app to anyone who uses the Naturally Fresh Line or is interested in finding out more about it.