MxTube: Download YouTube Video Directly To iPhone

Recently a 13-year-old iPhone developer named Max has created an application that allows you to save YouTube videos directly to your iPhone. MxTube taps into the same database of videos as the YouTube application does, so there’s no conversion necessary. To download, run a search as you normally would and select the video you want to download. As it turns out, YouTube actually has two versions of every video, high and low quality. When you choose to download, you can select either high, low, or both. The videos will download in sequence and in the background. Once it’s done downloading, the video is available from within the application. Simple. Read on for a video of the app in action.

MxTube is available in under the “Multimedia” category. You won’t be able to sync the videos back to your computer, but they can be downloaded via SSH if you have it enabled. It’s located in the /var/mobile/Media/MxTube directory.


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