Multitask Coming to iPhone OS This Summer?

Rumors are abound today suggesting that iPhone OS 4.0 will offer multitasking in the near future. AppleInsider quotes “people with a proven track record” as saying that we may see multitasking this summer. 9to5Mac is showing off comments found in the source code within the latest SDK. The information from AppleInsider reads like a guess, presented as fact. But if the screenshot from 9to5Mac is real, there is not only support for multitasking, but it even presents the method for displaying the multitasking dialog box.

Apple has been known to hold off on releasing greatly requested features until they have it working just right. Copy and paste ring a bell? Users were complaining about the lack of copy and paste for months, but the implementation was so perfect once it became available, it was well worth the wait. It wouldn’t surprise me if Apple has been working on multitasking, making sure the implementation is just as flawless before giving it up to the end user.


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