Most-Convincing Picture of iPhone 4S/5 Yet

What you are looking at on the right could possibly be the next iPhone. Or simply the best fake yet. Which do our instincts tell us?

A French member of the MacRumors forum posted a picture of what supposedly is an iPhone 4S/5 he or she was, according to their story, given the opportunity to play around with “in the office of a French operator.” Of course the member had to sneak the picture quickly since it is photography of a device that largely remains a mystery, after all. We wonder if the person had to keep both hands within the vehicle as well (yup, a line of Friday iPhone Alley humor).

Besides the picture, there were not many other details that the photographer was interested in sharing. Apparently iPhone 4S/5 is much faster, though. Here’s what he or she had to share:

“Picture taken yesterday in the office of a French operator. Believe it or not…
we were able to see it only 2 minutes, pictures forbidden of course, so, we did our best. I just want to share this with the Mac community, now trust me or not. Rendez-vous in 1-2 months. Absolutely nothing to add. The only thing I can tell you, is that my iPhone 4 looks really slow now!”

Honestly, there is only an air of authenticness that can be attributed to the story and image since this is fairly convincing, even if fake. Better than anything else we have seen at least. Despite that, it seems that there is a 90% chance it is in fact fake.

If you examine the image, it is obviously blurry around the person’s hands but the iPhone is fairly clean. This would be done so that an iPhone 4 can be modified in a image-manipulation app such as Photoshop to look thinner while only requiring a simple edit to give off the appearance it is being held. It seems that this is not really genuine, especially without other cosmetic modifications made to mirror other rumors. (Come on, at least make it more difficult to debunk the picture!) Alas, this is all we’ve got of something that looks like it could be the iPhone 4S/5 even if it’s all smoke-and-mirrors.

Take a closer look below then decide for yourself in the comments: