More Evidence of iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 Remains in Hiding

The iPhone 4S is popping up everywhere, but the iPhone 5 is still mostly M.I.A., only making a questionable appearance in Radio Shack’s inventory system on Friday. This weekend, the iPhone 4S made a few appearances, showing up inside the latest iTunes beta, and leaked photos from Foxconn gave us a glimpse of new a device that closely resembled the CDMA iPhone 4.

On Monday, the 8GB iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S were spotted in the German carrier Vodafone’s inventory. Discovered by the wesbite, Vodafone’s inventory only mentions the black and white iPhone 4S in 16/32/64GB models, and the 8GB iPhone 4, no iPhone 5.

Due to the lack of evidence, 9to5Mac believes Tim Cook will announce the iPhone 4S at Apple’s media event on Tuesday, not the rumored redesigned iPhone 5 fanboys have been dreaming of.

“Even though there is no concrete evidence for an iPhone redesign, many are still speculating (we call you ’5ers’!) and reporting that one is coming at this event. Because of  lack of evidence for a redesign, we believe that Apple will introduce only an iPhone 4S on Tuesday.”

The iPhone 5 did make an appearance at Macworld Asia, when China Unicom’s Deputy Director Huang Wenlian said the new it would feature HSPA+ 21Mbps data speeds, but besides a few dodgy rumors, iPhone 5 sighting have been nonexistent.