Microsoft Surface Pricing, Details Announced – iPA B

Microsoft is indeed making a last-minute push with its custom, in-house designed Surface tablet lineup as they are announcing the once-a-touch-table’s specific details just ten days shy of its release date. How does it compare to the iPad? Competitively enough, although it is still lacking; read on to find out more after the break.

Entry price for owning the Surface with Windows 8 RT (the app-lacking, ARM-optimized version) is $499 for the 32GB model. For an additional hundred dollars, the tablet will come with a Touch Cover magnetically-attachable keyboard (think a Smart Cover with a keyboard built-in). For extra flash memory, $699 nets a 64GB model including the Touch Cover.

Separately, the Touch Cover will go for $120 at retail while the more traditional Type Cover will run $130.

Microsoft had demonstrated the magnet attachment on the Cover accessories to be strong enough for the Surface to be held from the Covers without falling.

The initially-hidden 10.6″ screen resolution on the Surface was revealed to be a paltry 1,366×768, a far cry from the Retina and Retina-akin resolutions found on iPad 3 (2048×1536) and Android tablets (1920×1080). Surface is fairly thick for a tablet at .37″, although Microsoft claims its magnesium chassis still feels light for its class at 1.5 pounds.

[You can pre-order at beginning at 9am PST]

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