Meet Evi, the One-Eyed Genius That Poses a Threat to Siri

With the announcement of Siri, Apple cleverly described something that the virtual assistant really is. Currently, it’s a simple assistant with minimal capabilities and no APIs released to be built off of for use by developers, which you’d think would be extremely easy to recreate by another skilled developer. That’s just what has happened – say hello to Evi.

Though it hasn’t been rated too well thus far, Evi ($0.99) was recently released by developing company, True Knowledge, and it supposedly is good enough to compete with Apple’s beta creation, Siri (which really isn’t so difficult to be as good as). When consulted, Evi will return with instantaneous results upon inputting and recognizing your voice. Whether or not you’re searching for a restaurant, want the answer to a peculiar question or more, Evi should respond accordingly.

Even with the legal Siri port to the iPhone 4, it’s difficult to attain with all of the tedious steps that must be taken. Thankfully, Evi is compatible with all iPhones, regardless of generations. Additionally, unlike Siri, Evi is familiar with many more countries rather than only providing reliable intel in the United States – both things can be boasted of Siri.

Check out the competition in action:

Given I own an iPhone 4S, I’ll soon try and get a comparison between the two technologies, namely Siri and Evi, as soon as possible. I’m really intrigued to see how well the latter compares to Apple’s somewhat intelligent assistant. You can pick up Evi on the App Store for $0.99, a small price to pay especially if she lives up to expectations and to how her creator is describing her.


Evi (AppStore Link) Evi
Developer: True Knowledge
Rated: 4+4.5
Price: Free Download Link