Medialets To Provide Small Ads For Free Apps

There are a large number of applications in the App Store that are free, and one company has found a way to make the number of free applications grow while still making devs some money. The company is Medialets, an ad network startup. Their goal is to provide small, discrete ads for free applications so that developers can launch ad-supported free applications to the iPhone and iPod touch-using masses.

Revenue from the ads will be split between Medialets and the developers who place the ads in their apps, with none going to Apple (although allegedly the Medialets CEO is a friend of Jobs and has the O.K.). This is the first ad network directed specifically toward a mobile platform, as well as that of the iPhone. If they can pull it off, they’ll be the first company to successfully do so. Hopefully it will mean a lot more free apps in the future without ugly-ing up our apps.

[via MobileBurn]

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