Magneat is a magnetic headphone cable management device that sticks to your clothes and any magnetic surface. The purpose of Magneat is to keep long headphone cables from moving around so they don’t get in the way or get accidentally yanked at.

To use the Magneat, it’s best to start by putting your headphones on, attaching it to your clothing with the backing magnet, and then wrapping the cord around the Magneat. A little notch allows you to keep it from unraveling while you wear it.

I found Magneat especially useful for running since the last thing you want is to accidentally yank at your headphone cord. The magnet keeps it firmly in place so there’s no need to worry about losing it. I did notice that the thinner iPhone headphone cable didn’t stay in the notch as well as thicker wires, but it didn’t cause too much of a problem.

I also found that Magneat helps keep your headphones from tangling while you’re not using them. What’s even cooler is you can use the magnetic back to stick your headphones on any magnetic surface. Just be sure to keep it away from devices with hard drives!

The Good: Great design, solid magnet, nice solution to headphone tangle.

The Bad: Notch doesn’t hold thinner cables very well.

The Bottom Line: Magneat is a great solution for lengthy headphone cables and because it’s magnetic, it can be placed nearly anywhere. You may have issues using the notch with thin headphones wires, although in most cases it wasn’t an issue.

The Magneat is available in an incredible assortment of colors and styles at

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