Losers Try To Sell Pwnage Tool For $60

As those of you who have been following the iPhone hacking scene know, hackers like the dev team do what they do like create the Pwnage tool largely for credit and bragging rights, as well as the undying admiration from their peers, which is why the offer it for free. Sadly, there always seems to be someone trying to make a profit off what isn’t theirs. UK website iphoneunlockuk.com is trying to sell the Pwnage tool as though it were their own.

They’re charging users a whopping £29.99 ($60) for the free software, which they undeservingly take credit for creating. The dev team has responded on their blog, saying:

“We have all put in lots of time to bring you this application for FREE. We didn’t license this application to them, we don’t license it to anyone.”

Apparently the morons at iphoneunlockuk.com aren’t very bright, either. The application download on their site still contains the original credits and help files, both which give credit to the dev team.

[via TUAW]

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